*** Project Log ***

    The Bot started in early may 2004 as the follow up of the IM Messiah bot and is

    being totally reprogrammed to be easier to use. Below is the project log showing

    what has been altered though time.


   :: 7th May

      Got the initial idea for programming the bot, started programming the layout of

      the bot and such, first posted info about it on Forums on Day 2.

   :: 9th May

      Started recoding the Login stuff from IM Messiah to work in the new bot though

      also tried to improve on it to make itself more efficient and also fix some of

      the login bugs that plagued IM Messiah. This was the first day that I was able

      to log the bot on however it didn't do much afterwards because I hadn't coded

      that much yet

   :: 10th May

      Made the Menu wizard to help allow people to create the menus needed for the bot

      to run, also worked on the way that they were then interpreted. Also started the

      Bot Setup wizard which is for setting up the general settings on the bot ready to

      be run most likely for the first time. Though at this stage the coding inside it

      wasn't fully complete

   :: 11th May

      Commands being a major part of the bot I made them easy to access and easy to

      modify and add to, instead of IM Messiah where the commands were in the FrmMsg

      Form they are now in their own Module so you can access everything quicker,

      started coding the menu selection ability in the bot.

   :: 14th May

      Released the first Alpha version of the bot for people to look at, made

      modifications to allow people to compile it (was normally run in IDE)

   :: 15th May

      Added an error reporting tool so that people can send bugs within their bot to me

      hopefully to be fixed

   :: 16th May

      Wrote the code to read and write ini files so that it can save the settings and

      such much more easily and faster than parsing it through txt files. Allowed me to

      start coding the insides of the Settings stuff

   :: 19th May

      Completed Writing the login code, now the bot could log in, accept users and add

      them to its list, however there wasn't much conversation handling until later and

      so a simple message was displayed.

   :: 20th May

      Got a banner designed for the bot (as shown at the top of this page)

   :: 23rd May

      Started work on allowing Display Pictures to be sent on the bot, finished first

      test on the 24th when one was successfully sent and received.

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